About Best U Studio

Best U studio began as a workout studio in West Hollywood in 2015. We wanted to create a space where the movement was incredible, and equally important was the space where you could laugh and honor however you were feeling that day.

The original Ubarre came as a physical representation of this:

A "U" barre for U. Merging fashion and function. 

That same philosophy applies to best U today. Through videos, events, and our line of workout equipment we are merging fitness with fashion to sculpt the best version of U!

Some Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am thru and thru small town girl, coming from a ranch in Wyoming and Ojai.
  • I can actually say" I am not a Dr, I just played one on tv." before best U studio I was a model and then Dr.  Maggie on General Hospital. 
  • I am a walking girl explosion, at least once upon a time.  Which is just one of the ways that the Ubarre ended up as something beautiful that can be left out. I like pretty things.  And unfortunately tend to leave them around the house. 
  • never in my life did I dream that my dream job would be to design work out equipment, but it makes me happy beyond measure from the people I get to meet to the creativity behind some of the designs. 
  • I sneeze at an uncontrollably loud decibel level. 


Kodi Kitchen - Founder, Best U Studio

Kodi Kitchen, FOUNDER