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Well. It's official. I am 9 months pregnant. Which  I previously thought would mean I am getting wheeled in on a stretcher hooting and hollering like I am on fire while simultaneously loving and chastising (euphemism) my husband. I have since learned this is not quite the way the cookie crumbles. I am heading to ten months total and have done major prep on how to have this whole labor thing go well. And that screaming and sweating part? Usually doesn't happen for 15 hours total. Hello relief, nice to see you! 

While being step mom to two and having Rope Cash Outlaw in my tummy and shipping out for massive roll out (Announcement soon!) It's safe to say there has been some tired. There has also been some incredible realizations. 

I came initially from a background in modeling and went to acting on General Hospital and a few other things to best U. When starting there were more insecurities than I could list. I don't have a business degree, accounting what? Countless more than could be listed. Thru this journey I have learned to trust myself and that learning is a journey, which is something I will forever be grateful for. My views on body have also changed since the combination of best U and mama-hood. 

I move for my health. I move for my baby. Yes...I will be moving to get back that body I took for granted, would be a liar if I said I wouldn't. But this bit of extra on my thighs and my booty is no power for labor and lifting and lunging. I Ubarre everyday for at least ten minutes. No. That is not a lot. Somedays it is dance, some days it is yoga and stretching. But I move. And that is part of what I have learned. The reason for starting this company has always existed, but stronger everyday when realizing the power and importance of that. Of kindness to self and the power of the move. I do the 8 lb for the first time, because I want to bulk up these arms I always wanted lengthened so I can hold that little one longer and longer.  


Life is a journey. I can't begin to say how happy I am for the journey that makes my body and mind stronger for me and that little outlaw who is getting ready to ride. 


Thanks for taking the time to listen, 



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