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Whoever came up with the idea for a baby moon is my hero. Celebrate the soon arrival of this little peanut with books, bikinis and my hottie husband? Don't mind if I do. 

We chose to go to the Four Seasons on Lanai, it was pure magic. I am definitely someone who can relax, is not opposed to a virgin lava flow and a good book for hours on end. (Yes. They have a million calories. But every so often a girl has got to live, especially with the joy it brought.) 

I read an amazing novel by Elena Ferrante, whom I highly recommend. She is an Italian woman with a love of language and a knowledge of female friendships being simply extraordinary. At times I felt as though she was speaking directly to me. I have already ordered additional novels and began one from another series of her. Obsessed much? 

As an aside, shout out to Natalie Martin. I should've taken more pics (Time off of technology is what I blame) but if you are looking for sexy and comfortable clothing to wear on vacation, during pregnancy and when not check her out. A bad ass mama as well. 

We also took this baby snorkeling. Swimming with the colors of the sea is one of the greatest and most humbling experiences. Nature's colors simply cannot be replicated, as much as forever I will try. (The sketch book is loooking amazing, and yes it is all fitness oriented.) We even saw the cutest little turtle swim past! Memories that will be embedded for life. 

The last book I read was Bringing up Bebe. Have you read this? Because it is hilarious and damn good. Definitely things in there which I will be applying when Rope Cash Outlaw comes out. (To my unborn child: If you are a little girl I am sorry I have been calling you Rope Cash Outlaw. But the amount of kicking means that girl or boy you are definitely my little outlaw.)


Lastly...I must say something about the breakfast buffet. I would be remiss not to. 

I eat. A lot. Pre pregnancy, during pregnancy, I simply love and savor food. Tastes, textures, presentation...keep it comin'. So when we reached the breakfast buffet day one and I saw healthy smoothies, fresh juices, mango and pineapple galore plus mini breakfast burritos and the most amazing pastries I managed to put down four plates. Small plates, mainly fruit based. Nonetheless....I put it down! Here's the thing: I don't believe "Oh, I am pregnant I should have 18 pounds of cake." I do believe food is crucial. Why deprive what you love? And the more fruit based items you eat, the more you crave. You want that chocolate croissant? EAT IT! Pregnant or not, life is short. But savor savor savor. There is no point in rushing and no point in eating it every day, where is the joy in that? But moderation and savoring makes for one amazing life.