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Here I sit, New Years eve 2018. Yes I have made my lists, I even attempted the bullet journal to try to accomplish more. Fingers crossed. But here's the thing...I am in Park City, Utah with my husband and three kids and got to thinking about that big shiny button. That reset button. And how oh so important it is to hit it sometimes. 

We all get stuck in minds, routines, habits and fears. Sometimes a simple change of environment is just what the Dr ordered. I do my best at parenting, but can definitely get wrapped up in the anger of "You didn't put your plate in the dishwasher!" Blood boils. Really though? Temper yourself! Yes, chores and all that jazz is important. But for me this trip away has been such a beautiful reminder of the importance of simplicity; something I have always valued  highly but sometimes take for granted. We've hit the slopes, done lots of cooking, played tons of heads up, sledding, even walked to the library (it's a good one!) and found the whole family rehooked on the game of Life. Cue esoteric thought...

Truthfully though it is such a magical reminder to just pause and breathe and that if you ever need a reset it can be found anywhere. Day not going as planned?

Walk the neighborhood. You might discover new things. 
Struggling with work? Sometimes you need to delve in and sometimes you need to delve into a glass of wine with a friend. Use your Ubarre for a 5 minute cardio dance, Yes. It is one of my favorite things to do. Squeeze your Ubarre and rock out like nobody is watching. Endorphins burst while Beyonce blares.

The important thing is just to pause and to listen to what you need and reminder yourself whether it be a mood change, scene change or a career change, it is never to late. You got this! Also...major inspiration from the podcast Second Life. Hillary Kerr is a fabulous interviewer and the stories are super inspiring. 

So as we inch forward from 2018 to 2019...let's all remember life is meant to be lived and celebrated and to listen to yourself when you need to hit that reset. 

Now from the Bergs to you...Happy New Years. Here's to a beautiful one.